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The best investment you can make is

Your Financial Education



Think of us as your financial and home therapists.

This is a fast paced city and many of us lead busy lives that don't always allow us to take care of many of the important things in our life. Organized finances coupled with an organized and beautiful home.  

Not always thought about in the same breadth but one without the other can hinder us from true happiness.

Our family hails from a small island in the caribbean -Grenada.  

Westerhall is an area there that embodies financial well being and beautiful homes - hence the name of my firm.  

A chaotic home and financial life leads to stress.

Simple decisions can alleviate stress and allow you to live your best life.


Health, finances and living space.  We can't advise you on health matters but we can and do consult on the latter - finances and living space. Chaos breeds chaos.

  • Organizing your finances - who do you owe? what do you owe? do you really owe? 

  • Budgeting - expenses - do you know what money is actually going out vs. coming in?

  • Consulting on investments - i.e. 401k's.

  • Financial life after a divorce - there is life after a divorce. 

  • Organizing, designing and decorating your living space.  

  • Financial literacy coursework for 5th graders through adult.

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“I don't know where I would be without Westerhall. As a 48 year old with a $2.4 million accident settlement, I was lost.


Westerhall helped me organize my finances, steered me toward prudent financial investments, and got my life turned around.”

Brooklyn Homeowner


Can't wait to hear from you!

Lisa Preudhomme

Brooklyn, NY

Tel: (917) 648-2449

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